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Barbour's Cross to Bear

In 1968 in Yazoo City, Police Chief Ardis Russell Sr. arrested a black mother, LeBertha Owens, for trying to take her young daughter, Gloria, to the public library for materials …

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Lest Ye Be Judged

I ran into a woman Sunday at Broadmeadow United Methodist Church who remembered that my mother used to sell Avon. Apparently, Mama had gone to her family's house in Neshoba …

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Of Truth and the Shortest Month

I admit it: I've never been Black History Month's biggest fan. Let me put that another way: I don't like how media tend to treat Black History Month. Too often, …

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The Hard Stuff

Evelyn Rasco believed in the power of story when no one else did. After her daughters, Jamie and Gladys Scott, went to prison for life for a 1993 robbery with …

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Of Barbour and the ‘Uptown Klan'

It seems Haley Barbour went too far this time. In an interview with the conservative Weekly Standard, he downplayed the terror and racial caste system of his town and our …


All God's Children

One image won't leave my head since I finished my part of the cover story I wrote this issue with freelance writer Valerie Wells (starts here): A deputy with his …

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For the Kids

A few months ago, I picked up a copy of The Clarion-Ledger's VIP Jackson magazine and flipped through. I was shocked at how few black VIP Jacksonians I saw in …

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With Gentleness and Reverence

When Todd and I used to live in Belhaven, we'd often walk in the mornings. Nearly every morning, we would watch a harried mother--often in a big SUV talking on …

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Sanctuary City

Stop the presses. They're calling Jackson a "Sanctuary City." The only one in Mississippi. Pass the Champagne!

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Wait: I've Heard This Before

Recently, someone sent me a link to a site set up about the old white-supremacist Citizen's Council ( supposedly upstanding racist group that famed newspaper editor Hodding Carter Jr. called …

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Shall We Overcome?

I find it hard to trust someone who claims we should never talk about race. And I find it impossible to fathom someone who says it's "racist" to call out …

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My Kind of Tea Party

Recently, I was asked to appear on a local cable talk show to talk about issues of the day. I didn't think much about it; it sounded easy and innocent …

[Ladd] Ain't That Something

Not long ago, Todd and I were downtown to see "Groovaloo" at Thalia Mara. As we walked to the car, an obviously homeless man walked up and respectfully asked us …

Domestic Violence

The Path of Least Drama

Everyone who reads me regularly knows that I despise the question "Why does she stay?" when asked about domestic-abuse victims.


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