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Fresh and Local, Every Day

One night a few weeks ago, Todd and I left the office at our too-usual time of 8 or 9 p.m. We ran through McDade's to pick up dinner supplies.

Editor's Note

...To Make a Thing Go Right

I often give talks about journalism and my crazy journey that began when I left the state the day after graduating from Mississippi State, and vowing never, ever to return. ...

Domestic Violence

We Can Do It!

I sure do love it when a plan comes together.

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A New Era in Jackson

"Responsibility." That was Mayor Harvey Johnson's word for what we should all vow to take as the city moves into its next era.

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'Racism,' In Context

You've surely heard the heads exploding by now. "She's a racist!" "Maria, er, Sonia Sotomayor said she's smarter than white men!" She made "an unambiguous statement of bigotry."

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Jackson, Let's Shoot for the Top

As I write this Tuesday, I have no idea who will be the Democratic nominee for mayor when you read this. As always happens in Jackson and Mississippi, it's been ...

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Frank Melton is No Barack Obama

It's déjà vu all over again. Four years ago this week, I was writing a column calling for—no, begging—Jacksonians not to vote for Frank Melton as mayor in the Democratic ...

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Demand the Facts, Ma'am

The only time Jackson drives me crazy is during local campaign cycles. To be fair, of course, it's not every Jacksonian who goes insane and starts pushing lies and conspiracy ...

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Good Friday ... Saturday ... Monday ...

Walking on the beach last week in my undisclosed vacation spot butting up to the Gulf of Mexico, I noticed two teen girls, say around age 17, walking toward Todd ...

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Want My Endorsement? Where to Start.

The Jackson Free Press is so far from choosing a candidate to endorse for mayor that it's not even funny.

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For Noella

When Kimberly Griffin told me that the Fondren Theatre Workshop had agreed to direct "The Vagina Monologues" in Jackson, I was happily stunned. Nearly seven years ago when we started ...

Editor's Note

Tearing Down the Wrong Walls

Out of all the disturbing things emerging in Mayor Frank Melton's trial this week, the worst to me has been Michael Taylor's testimony that he lived with the mayor for ...

Editor's Note

When the Going Gets Tough

No doubt about it, these are scary economic times. Many people are losing jobs, some businesses are closing, consumers are holding tight to their dollars.

Editor's Note

Naked Party Animals Be Damned

"We all evolve." That's what Marcy Nessel told Maggie Neff about the Jewish Film Festival in this issue.

Editor's Note

A Long, Long Road

"Donna, you know what? I run Jackson," declared Mayor Frank Melton, scrunching his face up into one of his trademark snickers that are cute and creepy at the same time. ...

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Come All Ye Faithful

In his column last week, The Clarion-Ledger's Sid Salter quoted the fifth chapter of Matthew to justify Gov. Haley Barbour diverting federal money away from low-income Katrina re-housing and into ...

Editor's Note

For Them, the Brave

It used to be that murders of black people didn't matter. They still don't matter enough, but they get taken a lot more seriously than they did back when I ...

Editor's Note

Let Us Begin Again

Not long ago, an evangelical minister and his teenage son visited me at the JFP offices. We sat in the classroom, under the watchful gaze of Emmett Till from a ...

Editor's Note

Now We Begin Again

Like many Americans, the lead-up to the 2008 election was not the healthiest time period for me. It was an anxiety-filled time; at one point, I even woke up in ...

Editor's Note

Swimming In The Toilet

"Kill him!" "He's a terrorist!" "Off with his head!" "Traitor!" "He's an Arab." We all know that the first African American president will not be elected without ugly racist by-products ...

Editor's Note

Doing It Our Way

My favorite James Meredith story involved the über contrarian sot Christopher Hitchens. Todd and I were asked to "entertain" Hitch during his visit to Millsaps College a few years back; ...

Editor's Note

The Art of (Culture) War

Four years ago, I wanted John Kerry to pick John McCain as his running mate. He was an impressive politician to me then, willing to buck a then-über powerful Republican ...

Editor's Note

One Daughter Away from the White House

Out of everything that chilled me to the bone about Bill Clinton's Lewinsky affair, nothing bothered me more than him messing around with the intern with his teen daughter in ...

Editor's Note

Yes, They Can

Last Friday, several interns sat in front of their computers, refreshing their e-mail inboxes. They also had their cell phones at the ready, impatiently waiting for the big text message ...

Editor's Note

Smells Like Team Spirit

When interns show up at the Jackson Free Press, they come through the door a tad nervous, hoping to get some sort of experience. They have a foggy idea that ...


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