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Jonathan Lee's Miss. Products Responds to Lawsuit

Lee's Legal Troubles Multiply

A fifth lawsuit has emerged against Mississippi Products Inc.

— Mississippi Products Inc., the company Jackson mayoral hopeful Jonathan Lee's family owns, has now responded to one of several pending lawsuits against MPI.

On Dec. 2, 2012, Diversey Inc. filed a lawsuit against MPI for non-payment on purchases of cleaning supplies and other products, the latest in a series of similar lawsuits against MPI starting in 2011. Several of the earlier lawsuits ended in default judgments because Mississippi Products did not respond to the complaints, leaving the company owing what Lee called "about $200,000" recently.

Mississippi Products Inc., headquartered at 2457 Valley St., is a disposable-goods supplier and warehouser—a "middleman" between Mississippi companies and government agencies, such as the University of MIssissippi Medical Center, and suppliers such as Diversey, which tend to be headquartered out of state or even outside the United States.

Diversey's global headquarters are located in Amsterdam, and the company has a North American base of operations in Sturtevant, Wis.

In its answer, filed May 2, MPI refutes Diversey's claim that MPI owes $23,923.75 or that Diversey has demanded payment. "Mississippi Products admits only that a purported 'Statement of Account' is attached to the complaint, the terms speak for themselves," MPI's answer reads.

Lee, 35, and Ward 2 Councilman Chokwe Lumumba will compete for Jackson's mayor's seat in a May 21 runoff election. Throughout his campaign, Lee has touted his experience as a businessman as a chief qualification for the job and told the Jackson Free Press last year that he was running as a "small business owner," although he said recently he has never owned the company.

Ward Conville, an attorney for Diversey, told the Jackson Free Press that he could not discuss pending litigation. A call placed this afternoon to MPI's attorney, Christopher D. Meyer of the Jackson firm Burr & Forman, did not immediately call back. Dorsey Carson, a Lee supporter and former Democratic candidate for Mississippi House of Representatives, is a Burr & Forman partner.

MPI also claims that Diversey's claims are barred by: "the statute of frauds ... statute of limitations ... equitable defense doctrine of unclean hands ... (and) lack of privity with Mississippi Products." The answer also states that the plaintiff's claims are barred in whole or in part by the doctrine of accord and satisfaction.

MPI goes on to state that Diversey failed to mitigate its damages and if Diversey suffered damages, "the damages were caused, in whole or in part, by the acts of omission of third parties for whom Mississippi Products should not be held responsible."

Lee, in an interview with Jackson Free Press editorial board in late April, attributed the judgments--five in all--to a disagreement between Mississippi Products, vendors and a former customer who had ordered the products through his company and then decided they didn't want them. Lee would not reveal the name of the customer, but a person with knowledge of the situation said the customer is a government agency based in the Jackson area.

UPDATE: This article has been update to reflect a correction. A previous version misidentified the ward Councilman Chokwe Lumumba represents as Ward 7. Lumumba represents Ward 2 on the Jackson council.

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sarahmina 7 years, 3 months ago

All you have to do is READ! You don't even have to READ between the LINES to see the TRUTH of Johnthan Lee's campaign and the many untruths he has told about his experience "RUNNING" his father's business. Maybe a more accurate statement would be "RUNNING HIS FATHER'S BUSINESS INTO THE GROUND!!" THAT WOULD BE MORE HONEST!!

A more important question would be why "Businesses" would support a Johnthan Lee???? Maybe, experience can be LED!!


justjess 7 years, 3 months ago

My simple question is: WHY NOW, JONATHAN?


shbkyn 7 years, 3 months ago

Something is not right here.. The reason, I just got all the details surrounding Lee's lawsuits against him. Voters should realize they have everything they need to be able to make an informed decision on who they should vote for. I learned there are as many as five (5) lawsuits against his company, in which on the one hand he say he does not own, and then on the other hand, he says he is the owner. He says he is a business owner, but it seem to me he is a shaky business owner. One lawsuit was filed as far back as 2011, then he threw his hat in the ring, to run for mayor in 2012, after the lawsuits. Things does not go like that, when you want to run for public office. Most of the lawsuits, NOT RESOLVED. Most interesting, one lawsuit went into default, because he did not show up for court, or didn't contest the suit, therethefore, the plainiff won, I believe, more than $200,000. I will put this out there, obviously, his backers, and him, have this notion, the voters will not use this scenero, to become informed voters, in order to pick the best candidate. The candidate who has shown, honesty, leadership, political experience, business man. The only one I know, who can step up to the plate, and make that claim, is Chokwe Lumumba. I do not believe the voters, will stand idly by, and be led to the polls, blinded by people who are are telling them, just ignore this. Your critical thinking, will allow you to use information, to become an informed voter. The churches should be out there on the forefront, informing the voters about honesty, when running for public office. Chokwe Lumumba is that candidate.


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