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I went to my OBGYN yesterday and asked when I might need a new IUD. Too much information? Truly, I couldn't agree more, until NOW. My doctor kindly but firmly suggested that I make sure and get a new one as soon as possible, and certainly before the end of this year. The clear implication: Laws may change early next year, because we may have a new president, and the IUD could no longer be covered by my insurance. Furthermore, a personhood amendment would outlaw it altogether. I live in Georgia--a personhood amendment vote here is inevitable. This is not a slippery slope. This is a vortex. Why anyone in their right mind is taking these positions, I don't know. But I know this: WE CANNOT STAND FOR IT. My vote from here on out goes to those who promise they will do everything in their power to allow my daughter to live in a humane society. Enough of this madness!

—Caroline Herring, via Facebook. Herring, a Canton native and Ole Miss grad, is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter.

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