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A Response to an Article from The Clarion Ledger [Constance/Itawamba Co.]

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original article: http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20100310/NEWS/100310044/Miss.-school-cancels-prom-over-gay-controversy

All Mississippi needs is more negative media coverage, and here it is. People already think, all around the world, that Mississippi is full of closed-minded individuals whose main goal in life is to keep the state as conservative as possible.

When I first saw this article, all I could do was shake my head. It is just pathetic how far people will go out of sheer hate. Disagreeing with homosexuality is completely different. The school is making a blatant attempt to attack this girl on a personal level.

I really don't understand why someone would think that it is okay to cancel prom for an entire school because they do not agree with one student's sexual preferences. The fact that this story has been getting coverage from so many different news sources should tell them something. They are not getting publicity from making wonderful choices regarding school activities. They are getting it because of the stupidity of their choices.

There will be no forcing this girl to change; there will be no forcing anyone to change who they are. It is completely unfair that she is receiving so much pressure to change who she was meant to be. Hopefully she will not give up on this fight and will realize that she has done no wrong.

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