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Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces and gifts should be the farthest thing from a bride and groom's mind while they are planning their big day, and they certainly shouldn't break the bank. There are simple and affordable ways to honor your guests while saving some money for things that matter, like the honeymoon. Here are some ideas that could cross over as centerpieces, placeholders and gifts for a wedding reception, all done at home.

Step 1. Find pots to hold your centerpiece. If you can't find the pots you need, paint your own! You can find small terra cotta pots at any garden or craft store and paint them any color with acrylic paint. This is an easy way to match your wedding colors exactly the way you want. Add a layer of varnish to give them a glossy finish.

Step 2. Choose a variety of flowers that match your wedding colors and are different heights. Arrange the flowers in the center of the table so that your guests can see each kind.

Step 3. Make a sign that informs guests that not only is their lovely centerpiece beautiful to look at; they can take one home as well. This is a nontraditional gift that will keep on giving and remind your guests how great you are and all the fun they had at your wedding.

Step 4. Use simple-colored cloth napkins that match your wedding d├ęcor and arrange a flower in the folds. If you're assigning seats at the reception, use inexpensive garden signs as your name holders. Tie them off with natural string or fold them all together.

Step 5. Other alternative gifts you can give your guests are lavender-filled sachets, jarred local honey adorned with your wedding date, paper fans, mixed CDs of your favorite songs, or bottled water with your name and wedding date on the label. There are so many ways to get out of the same old wedding box. Be creative and, most importantly, be yourself.

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