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Doing it yourself is the fly thing to do. But if you can't do it yourself, find someone else to do it for you for free.

Start a neighborhood chore coop that builds on each other's strengths. Get Joe next door to fix your toilet in exchange for you teaching him how to set up a compost pile in his back yard. Exchange babysitting time with other parents nearby. Start a dinner coop and save time by cooking extra for a few other families on your block just one night each week. The other nights, they each cook dinner in turn and bring it to you.

Or what if you need to buy something? There are always thrift stores or yard sales if you're looking for things on the cheap. But what about free stuff? Check out and join one of the local groups to give away your clutter for free or to make your home the new home for someone else's cast-offs.

In Carrboro, North Carolina, there is a monthly event called the Really Really Free Market, where folks bring things they don't need anymore to give away to others. People share food, music, and even services such as haircuts—all for free. Find out more here.

Think free on the road, too. and both offer different opportunities for free travel housing worldwide. Some of my good friends are sleeping on a Barcelona couch for free as I write this.

What are your ideas for starting more freeconomies in Jackson?

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Wow, Kelly, I can't think of anything to add. I've learned just about everything from this blog entry. :-)


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