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Crystal Wise & Precious Martin

It was 1995. Young Crystal Wise was at a party for freshmen University of Mississippi Law students at her friend's home. Precious Martin, a second-year Ole Miss Law student, was among the party guests. When the two met, Martin said he knew that Wise would his wife. "I hate to say love at first sight, because I think love is something that should be nurtured over time," he said. "but she was definitely 'wife' material."

Wise-Martin, on the other hand, said that she was not so sure. "I had other things on my mind," she said. "I had just entered law school, and I was concerned with staying there." Despite her reservations, the couple began to date soon after that first encounter. Ten years later, they are married and have two little boys at home to keep them busy.

Not only are the Martins partners in life, but they also work together at the Byrd, Gibbs, and Martin Law Firm in Jackson. "Precious is a partner here, and I am one of the attorneys on his staff," said Wise-Martin. "We are not equal partners; he is my boss."

Though the couple only started working together in the last few months, Wise-Martin says it has been going good. She, before now, was a stay-at-home mom. "I really wanted to do something in the legal field, but I needed to be able to be flexible," she said. Martin said working with his wife is good for him and for his business. "My wife," he said, "is a very intelligent person and doing the type of work I am doing, you need an intelligent person with you."

The power couple says people often find it surprising that they are real homebodies. "Working in this profession, lots of people think that you like to stay on the go and live this fast lifestyle," Martin said. "But we enjoy staying at home with our two boys." He said his happiest moment is when he comes home and his two boys run to him, grabbing a leg a piece, screaming "Daddy!"

The Martins' advice to young couples trying to work together is to know who you are as an individual first. "Be sure that you are secure with yourself before you enter a working relationship with your spouse," Martin said, "My wife could do Oprah, and they would not have to ask me anything. I would be totally happy for her because I am secure with who I am."

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