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Guided By Voices Final LP and Tour Announced

For eighteen years Guided By Voices have been a guiding force in indie pop/rock music, and with their final LP and tour announced, Jackson venues continue to ignore the music of bands like Modest Mouse and GBV. Be on the look out for a late Sept./Oct. Modest Mouse date at Proud Larry's in Oxford. You'll have to travel outside the state for a piece of the GBV's finale.

Joshua Sharp of Pitchfork reports: "You know half the story by now: On August 25th, Guided by Voices will release their final full-length, entitled "Half Smiles of the Decomposed", on Matador Records. On January 1st, 2005, they will cease to exist as a functioning unit. Realistically speaking, this is more or less a retirement of nomenclature-- Bob Pollard has always been the brunt of the band, and the man has already assured the world that it will be a good while yet before he turns in the towel as a solo artist. But let's momentarily disregard realism for a somewhat necessitated bout of rock 'n' roll theatrics: Symbolically speaking, this is the end of an era...."
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