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Keeping Things Simple

When Sarah Gayden Hammond (then Harris), met Andy Hammond at Sneaky Fest at Sneaky Beans in Fondren in August 2011, she was wearing a Raggedy Ann and Andy shirt.

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Love in Cyberspace

Falconh, the Holy Paladin, stood at rest amidst the bodies of the undead he had slain protecting Gallandriana. With his flaming sword by his side, his blue eyes scanned the ...

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Love in a Clever Ruse

Tears streamed down Rachel Whaley's face when she saw Daniel Zabaldano. Clearly, an elaborate ruse had been perpetrated on her, and the reason for it was obvious to even the ...

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First Comes Love

Lakeisha Marie Stewart (then Lakeisha Marie Alexander) wanted a wedding that would be completely her own.

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Diving Into Love

Two years ago, Brad Regan considered himself to be a player. No one could have told him that he would fall in love with Hannah Acey, whom he met in ...

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The Tale of Samantha Woo

Woo Couture is the brainchild of Samantha Woo, a wedding-dress designer from Vietnam. Woo's family has been making clothes for generations.

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Meant to Be

It happened simply: I saw Neil Maneck for the first time in a Barnes & Noble coffee shop. "Oh he's cute," I said to my friend Catherine Gray, who had ...

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A French Wedding

As I glanced at the menu, I groaned inwardly. We had two more courses to go--a "soupe de fruits rouges" and a "piece montee." It already felt like the wedding ...

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Brush Strokes of a Southern Love Story

The love story of Nell Knox and William Goodman began in June 2011 at a mutual friend's house.

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Joe Pennington and Robin Burton's New Beginnings

Robin Burton and Joe Pennington, whose previous spouses passed away, married later in life.

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Bride On A Budget

The adage proved true for my wedding: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It wasn't necessarily that I thought no one else could do ...

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No Matter What

Drew and I married Jan. 4—14 months after we met and four months before we graduated from Mississippi State University.

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Setting the Stage for Love

Weddings are, by their nature, theatrical events. In fact, theater has its roots in the performance of ritual activities.

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City Love

When she was a student at Mississippi College, Lindsey Brooks, now 30, attended a Blue and Gold social club party at Northpointe Barn and told a girlfriend, "I'm going to ...

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A Beautiful Blend

The best weddings combine personal aspects into something fully unique to the couple. When Setu Raval wed Zach Seivers, the occasion incorporated Indian culture, southern family values, cinematic flair, and ...