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A Beautiful Blend

The best weddings combine personal aspects into something fully unique to the couple. When Setu Raval wed Zach Seivers, the occasion incorporated Indian culture, southern family values, cinematic flair, and ...

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We’re Going to the Chapel

Brandon Herd and his new wife, Madelyn, skipped town and went to Memphis to get married.

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Rings of Gemstone

The first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring was Archduke Maximilian of Austria's proposal to Mary of Burgundy with a ring containing thin, flat pieces of diamond in the ...

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Autumnal I Do

A make-your-own candy apple bar is a decadent and fun way to bring fall flavors to your wedding reception.

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Wedding Day, the Kid-Friendly Way

Incorporating kids into a wedding day can be a touching gesture, but it isn’t for everyone.

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Harmony and Soul

Chelsi and J. Michael's relationship began when the attorney logged into his eHarmony account—ready to cancel his subscription—only to find he had "like 100 page views" from some "questionable" young ...

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

My childhood best friend's wedding served as a huge reminder of the passage of time.

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Worth a Thousand Words

When it comes to wedding photography, Adam and Allison Hudson have a bit of an edge. The couple are partners in life before partners in work, which allows them a ...

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Ceremony and Celebration

Not many couples can say they had their first fight before they even went out on a date. But then again, most couples aren't lawyers on opposite sides of a ...

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All Grown Up

The bride was so beautiful! All brides are beautiful, of course, but this one especially so. Her red lipstick set off her white complexion and her full-length veil could not ...

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Paper, Please

In an age when most written communication has gone digital, the wedding invitation stands stalwart as a physical, mailable item. In fact, if anything, the world of wedding paper is ...

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Game On

Clever brides and friends-of-brides have come up with lots of games to liven up weddings, from the intimate gift-giving occasion of the bridal shower to the wild bachelorette parties.

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One evening, Christina Cannon talked to her friend Kirby Boteler about the things important to her in a partner. "He has to enjoy good food, good wine and have a ...

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Seasonal Blooms

Flowers make up nearly 10 percent of traditional wedding budgets, so reining in costs nearly always requires a look at the floral design.

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Making Music Together

If you are a fan of local music in Jackson, you probably know Valley Gordon and Taylor Hildebrand. Not only are they great musicians, but they also create community all ...