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[Skipper] Being the Best

Craig's spirit extended to each person he encountered.

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Brunching in the Capital

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if it's the weekend, and you sleep in? What if you want permission to have an adult ...

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Something in the Water

It's interesting to see how we deal with changes in our lives. For those who go that route, marriage and giving birth are arguably two of the biggest ones.

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Art for Everyone

When I read in the St. Andrew's Cathedral newsletter about local artist William Goodman's four-week art and faith course on Wednesday evenings, I decided to give it a shot.

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Revolutionizing Seafood

Though the word "revolution" ordinarily indicates an intention to dramatically change things, Seafood R'evolution actually seeks to preserve and honor Mississippi's seafood culture and heritage.

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A Season to Beat

In the South, fall means football. We know that. This year in Mississippi, though, it's especially exciting, thanks to both the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University's teams having ...

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Great Expectations

Whether it's communicating about exclusivity or merely determining if he likes you, directness is highly underrated.

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Eating, Drinking and Learning

Eating and drinking are generally a recipe for a good time. But they also present opportunities to learn or to think about things in a larger context. One recent weekend, ...

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Autumnal Ventures

While exploring another city is always a good time, this fall brought a number of new places to try in Jackson, and I was feeling the need to play catch-up ...

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Wedding Gifts and Local Artists

My friend is originally from Jackson, and he and his now-husband collect art, so I decided that a piece by a Jackson artist might be just the ticket for something ...

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Whiskey Drinkin’

Although this column is referred to as "Girl About Town," I feel compelled to address something typically considered "manly" that seems to be all the rage these days: whiskey.

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