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[Skipper] Being the Best

Craig's spirit extended to each person he encountered.

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Springtime Revival

Sometimes, among activities or places that come to feel routine, you find something new. Such was the case for me at the last Fondren After 5 and the weekend following ...

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Singalong Soiree

The Unframed series at New Stage Theatre offers quirkier, more controversial or offbeat modern fare to balance the selections in the Main Stage season, such as the recent “Musical of ...

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A Lighter Side of Char

Derek George knows that most Jacksonians think of Char Restaurant as a steakhouse. But George, the executive chef at Char, is out to make it a destination for seafood lovers ...

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A Few Good Men

Especially after a certain age, if one is single, family, friends and even strangers offer commentary on your independent status that leaves you feeling like you're some sort of freak ...

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Girl About Town’s St. Paddy’s Plan

A seasoned veteran of the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade day, Girl About Town Julie Skipper shares her tips for making the most of it.

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Cheese, Mascara and Life Lessons

Sometimes you just have to remember to keep your head up.

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Quick, Cultural Getaways

One year, a friend of mine made it her New Year's resolution to go out of town once a month, even just for a day, "even if it's just to ...

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What Was She Thinking?!?

Blame the "Real Housewives," blame social media, blame society for conditioning us to feel better about ourselves by putting others down ... or blame ourselves.

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Establishing and Empowering

Finding mentors, supporters and, sometimes, even commiserators is important. It might be a more formalized approach, such as joining professional organizations and identifying a mentor with whom you meet regularly.

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Coming Together

One of the things I love about Jackson is how often people who care about each other, and about this city, come together to support things bigger than themselves.

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