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[Skipper] Being the Best

Craig's spirit extended to each person he encountered.

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Whiskey Drinkin’

Although this column is referred to as "Girl About Town," I feel compelled to address something typically considered "manly" that seems to be all the rage these days: whiskey.

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Best Exercise, Barre None

The small moves done in Pure Barre are intense but effective.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Back in 2011, after becoming friends with Eddie Outlaw, co-owner of the William Wallace Salon (2939 Old Canton Road, 601-982-8300), he invited me to join their crew to march in ...

Tease photo Girl About Town

Support Local Arts

Sometimes, when you've built something up for a while, it doesn't live up to what you expect. However, when it comes to Jackson's artist community, it always delivers the goods.

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Sombra's Young Talent

Though a mere 25 years old, Chef John Michael Smith of Sombra Mexican Kitchen in Ridgeland is a seasoned veteran of restaurants.

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A Lifelong Reader

As a little girl, I loved the library. My mother read to me from birth, and we frequented the Meridian Public Library so much that it almost felt like a ...

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The Power of Tiny Dancers

Being a grown-up, I do now have friends who have kids—and I find that they can be fun once they reach an age where they start to become little people.

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Each spring presents a difficulty for many of us: Sunbathing and tanning beds are bad, but pasty white legs don't look as good sticking out of miniskirts and shorts as ...

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Red Flags in Downtown Bars

While eating at the bar at a downtown restaurant or enjoying a beverage at the King Edward Hotel Bar on a weeknight, it's not at all unusual to strike up ...

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Mother's Appreciation Day

Mommies and babies--they're everywhere I look these days. Magazines and the Internet track the growing baby bumps and pregnancy fashion of Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, and Kerry Washington daily.

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