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DIY: No-Sew Bandana Face Mask

Photo by Zilpha Young

Photo by Zilpha Young




Step 1


Steps 2 and 3


Step 4


Step 5

If you are looking to make a face mask at home that you can reuse, but you have little experience in sewing, then this no-sew makeshift face mask may be a good match for you if you happen to have the materials around the house or can easily acquire them.


1 bandana, scarf or other thin, square-shaped fabric

2 rubber bands or hair ties

1 coffee filter (optional)

Step 1:

Fold one corner of your square-shaped fabric toward the middle.

Step 2:

Fold the other corners into the middle. The filter can be placed between layers.

Step 3:

Place rubber bands on each end (looks like a wrapped hard candy, like a peppermint).

Step 4:

Fold ends into the center.

Step 5:

Place bands over ears (adjust as needed).

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