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Candidate Questionnaire: Hayes Dent (Senate District 22)

Hayes Dent Photo courtesy Elect Hayes Dent

Hayes Dent Photo courtesy Elect Hayes Dent

Hayes Dent is a Republican candidate in Mississippi Senate District 22. The answers below are the candidates' verbatim responses, with no edits whatsoever. Find more state legislative candidate questionnaires here. Read more 2019 state political coverage here.

What are your top priorities, if elected?

Working to grow the Mississippi economy. Working to develop a plan to reverse brain drain. To help develop a solution to our better our public schools.

What are your priorities for your district?

Perform top notch constituent services across state government. Bring awareness to the horrible flooding in the south Delta and make the state consider it a priority.

What are your views on public education funding?

Well funded schools are vital. What is more vital is working at the kids coming to school ready and able to learn.

How do you think Mississippi can solve its teacher shortage?

Change regulations such as requiring a 21 on your ACT. Let new and potential teachers know the state is committed to safe schools and having a good learning environment.

What are your ideas for improving healthcare coverage and access?

Work to find a compromise on a plan to assure rural delivery of healthcare. There will have to be some modified version of what's referred to as "expansion". Work with the hospitals to find a way to finance this..

What are your ideas on criminal justice reform?

Continuing the push for HB 1352 (a perfect example of partisan groups working together) reforms on Intervention Courts, Expungement, DL's This area of reform is a great first step in groups with wildly different agenda's to work together.

What is your position on the six-week abortion ban the Legislature passed this year?

I am Pro-life so I support Pro-life legislation. In this particular policy area, until it changes, we operate inside the construct of Roe v. Wade. I will consult constitutional lawyers on legislation that goes outside that construct. If I feel they support a new attempt at change or not, I will decide accordingly within my Pro-life stance.

Do you have specific plans to address issues that disproportionately affect African Americans and other minorities?

Yes. Poverty and conversely wealth creation are tougher with both groups. Pushing to grow the MS economy will help this problem.

Why are you running?

A lifelong commitment to public service and getting Mississippi of the bottom ranking of states. Open up the process. Everything is open to the public, schedules are published

Why are you the best candidate?

Experience in the legislative process and knowing what a legislator needs to do to be affective for his/her constituents.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this questionnaire introduced Hayes Dent as the Republican incumbent in Senate District 22; he is not. The incumbent is Sen. Eugene Clarke and he is not running for re-election to this seat; he is running in the Republican primary for Mississippi Treasurer. We apologize for this error.

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