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‘Save a Brother or Sister’


Ken Stiggers

Mr. Announcer: "In the ghetto criminal-justice system, the people are represented by members of the newly established Ghetto Science Community Peace Keeping Unit: police officer and part-time security guard at the Funky Ghetto Mall Dudley 'Do-Right' McBride, attorney Cootie McBride of the law firm McBride, Myself and I, and guest rookie peace officers Deacons Jones and Richardson of Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church. This is their story."

Cootie: "Dudley, I just deputized the two new peacekeeping officers from Rev. Cletus Car Sales."

Dudley: "OK. I know 'Big' Deacon Jones and 'Squeaky Clean-As-The-Board-Of-Health' Richardson from high school."

Deacon Jones: "Deacon Richardson and I are here to help out on Cootie's new peacekeeping initiative called the S.A.B.S. Project."

Dudley: "Yes, the 'Save A Brother or Sister Project.' Cootie started this project after a Tulsa, Okla., police officer fatally shot Terrence Crutcher. What's happening, brothers?"

Cootie: "What is happening is that we live in a time of fear, panic, prejudice, bigotry and hatred."

Dudley: "It's a negative force dominating and controlling the masses of common people."

Deacon Richardson: "The people are overwhelmed with escalated anxiety disorder, which makes them shoot first and ask questions later."

Dudley: "I just received a call from the dispatcher about a brother driving his hoopty with a burned-out tail light on Cootie Creek County Highway."

Cootie: "Deacon Jones, do you have any extra bulbs to replace that tail light?"

Deacon Jones: "Yes, I do. Let's get in the Law-N-Order S.U.V. and go save a brother."

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