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Stiggers: A White Supremacist and Black Pullman Porter Debate Race and History


Ken Stiggers

Boneqweesha Jones: "Welcome to Bonqweesha Live’s Black History 365 Special Edition television show, courtesy of the Carter G. Woodson Institute of Ethnic Studies Program at Hair Did University School of Cosmetology and Vocational Studies. My guest is controversial moviemaker Kunta 'Rahsheed X’ Toby. He’s here to promote his new movie titled ‘The Best N-Word That Ever Lived.'

"Are you trying to top Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, sir?"

Kunta ‘Rahsheed X’ Toby: "No. I just think it’s time to stir up some critical thinking, followed by intelligent and proactive dialogue. This was the sole purpose of my movie premiere on the last day of Black History Nonth. I want people to realize there’s more to Black History than today’s milquetoast tributes on television, film, education and media."

Bonqweesha Jones: "Don’t you feel that, you, Beyoncé and the rest of the angry Black folk are too hard on this current society?"

Kunta ‘Rahsheed X’ Toby: "Boneqweesha, there comes a time when a person must absolutely respond to oppression, hatred and marginalization."

Boneqweesha Jones: "Tell us what your movie is about."

Kunta ‘Rahsheed X’ Toby: "The movie is an adaptation of J.A. Rodgers' book ‘From Superman to Man.' It’s about a white supremacist and black Pullman porter debating race and history on a train. The heated discussion happens after the supremacist says that he is infinitely better than the best n-word that ever lived."

Boneqweesha Jones: "Folks, the rest is hard core Black History! No milky toast here."

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