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Your Sanity Matters


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "The summer of 2016 was a time of mean-spirited individuals escalating fear, apathy, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and racial self-hatred. To soothe the nerves of staff and the community, Jojo, our compassionate leader, will organize a sales event focusing on mental-health issues called 'Your Sanity Matters.' Chief Crazy Brother, our store display manager, will assist Jojo in facilitating a six-week mental-health series in aisle 6-and-3/5 of Jojo's Discount Dollar Store.

"During our daily early-morning staff meeting, Jojo expressed his opinion regarding the mental state of today's society. He concluded that our society is at the brink of insanity. He noticed the despair and confusion in the faces of his employees and customers who looked like the man in that creepy Edvard Munch painting titled 'The Scream.'

"To change the picture of doom and gloom in the Ghetto Science Community, Jojo called on psychologist Judy McBride and her psychoanalyst team to conduct weekly therapy sessions for customers and staff mentally affected by reality television, radio, film, social media, etc. Also, for individuals who suffered emotional trauma due to driving while black, brown or anything else, come receive the help you need.

"After each mental-health session, Sister Encouragement, co-host of the 'Rev. Cletus Cars Sales Church' radio show, will give Jojo's Discount Dollar Store customers a beautifully designed weekly reminder card of the 'Serenity Prayer.' Remember: At Jojo's Discount Dollar Store, your sanity matters, and everything's still a dollar."

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