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Prevent the Execution of Poor People


Ken Stiggers

Mr. Announcement: "Live from Clubb Chicken Wing, Ghetto-Science Public Affairs Network presents an important press conference organized by Congressman Smokey Robinson McBride for Ghetto Science Community residents. Today, the congressman will kick off a community empowerment program called P.E.P.P. We join the press conference already in progress."

Congressman Smokey "Robinson" McBride: "I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I think the execution of poor people has increased. I mean, working poor people are executed by means of high-speed chases in poor neighborhoods, aggressive arrests using chokeholds, severe beat downs and gun violence. Also, I have noticed poor people executing each other. My greatest concern is United States politicians passing bills and policies allowing discrimination, which might further escalate the execution of poor people.

"The purpose of this press conference is to announce the start of a community empowerment program called P.E.P.P. (Prevent the Execution of Poor People).

"Members of the Ghetto Science Team Bureau of Security and I will hold bi-weekly meetings at Clubb Chicken Wing during Little Momma Roscoe's Thursday night Hot Wing Happy Hour.

"Our expert community leaders and activists will conduct brief educational seminars on Racial Profiling, Subliminal Discrimination Tactics, Pedestrian's Civil and Human Rights, and The Truth About No Knock Raids. The Goal of P.E.P.P. is to empower poor folks to prevent them from being executed. Let us become survivors of violence, self-hate and oppression by putting a little P.E.P.P. in our step. And, the hot wings are free."

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