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Turnout Numbers

On Nov. 3, media outlets reported steady turnout throughout the day in Hinds County, but in the end, the number of Hinds Countians who participated in the 2015 cycle was lower than the previous two cycles. Based on people who cast ballots at the top of the ticket—governor—statewide voter participation was also comparatively lower than 2011 and 2007.

Hinds County


Total Ballots Cast: 56,922

Robert Gray (Democrat): 32,169

Phil Bryant (Republican): 21,998

Shawn O'Hara (Reform): 974


Total Votes: 69,943

Phil Bryant (Republican): 24,092

Johnny L. DuPree (Democrat): 45,851


Total Votes: 60,820

John Arthur Eaves Jr. (Democrat): 34,074

Haley Barbour (Republican): 26,746



Total Votes: 709,222

Phil Bryant (Republican): 472,197

Robert Gray (Democrat): 227,400

Shawn O'Hara (Reform): 9,835


Total Votes: 893,468

Phil Bryant (Republican): 544,851

Johnny L. DuPree (Democrat): 348,617


Total Votes: 744,039

Haley Barbour (Republican): 430,807

John Arthur Eaves (Democrat): 313,232

Votes cast in the governor's race

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