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A Shining Beacon of Light


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "This summer, the ill winds of intolerance, hatred, racism and terrorism have besieged the well-being of common people around this nation. Then comes a shining beacon of light called progress.

"Nevertheless, the aftermath of uncertainty and fear loom in the souls of common folk like the staff at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store.

"Indeed, we are fortunate to have an employer who stays cool, calm and composed during troubled times. Also, we are blessed to have a businessman whose bottom line is to serve, protect, and respect his customers and community.

"As usual, our leader called for a special morning staff meeting to address concerns of the management and staff.

"One Caucasian employee then asked Jojo about a Confederate flag sale At Jojo's Discount Dollar Store. This is how Jojo responded."

Jojo: "As a pseudo-macroeconomist and evolving businessperson, I make a sincere effort to work with the model of supply and demand. I also work diligently to understand the customers and the demographic I serve. My customer base is comprised of ethnic minorities, mostly financially challenged African Americans. Of all my years owning Jojo's Discount Dollar Store, none of my customers has asked for or wanted to purchase a Confederate flag. The symbol alone conjures up negative images, such as lynching, cross burnings, church bombings, murdered civil-rights advocates, terror and fear. It's a long-lasting impression for this demographic of American citizens."

Miss Doodle Mae: "To make a long answer short, no demand, no supply. And, everything's still a dollar at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store."

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