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Need a Ride to Work?


Ken Stiggers

Rev. Cletus: "This is your car-selling pastor closing out another blessed broadcast from Ghetto Science Team Radio. Before I sign off, I want to share my thoughts about Mr. James Robertson of Detroit, Michigan. This blessed brother's amazing and inspirational story captured the hearts of the people. 

"His story began when his 1988 Honda Accord died, and he could not afford to buy another car. This inconvenience did not stop Mr. Robinson from going to work. The good Lord blessed this man with good health and two good feet to walk 21 miles to his low-paying job.  Mr. Robertson's effort and will to survive reminds me of Proverbs 12:24: 'The hand of the diligent shall bear rule.'

"Ten years and approximately 77 thousand miles later, he is admired worldwide, gets $300,000 in donations and drives a brand-new car.

"Nevertheless, the Lord, who works in mysterious ways, gave me another perspective with a thought-provoking column, published by New Republic, titled 'No One Should Have to Walk 21 Miles to Work: A Detroit Man's Awful Commute,' epitomizes America's broken policies.

"The column addresses the issue of society's natural empathy for individuals leading to solutions that tend to be feel-good rather than do-good. Maybe the Lord used Mr. Robertson's story to not only inspire but to also address the nagging plight of the working poor.

"Need a ride to work? Come on down to Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church and drive off with a blessing. Let the church say amen."

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