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Open Season


Ken Stiggers

Mr. Announcer: "In the ghetto criminal-justice system, the people are represented by members of the newly established Ghetto Science Community Peacekeeping Unit: police officer and part-time security guard at the Funky Ghetto Mall Dudley 'Do-Right' McBride; attorney Cootie McBride of the law firm McBride, Myself and I; and guest behavioral health adviser, psychologist Judy McBride. This is their story."

(Dudley, Cootie and Judy are in the Law-N-Order SUV driving back to the Ghetto Science Community from the Ghetto Science Law and Order National Convention. They discuss the issue of injustice toward African Americans.)

Dudley: "You heard the news? It looks like driving while black comes with a consequence these days. Cousin Judy, how did it get to be open season on black motorists?"

Judy: "As I stated in my presentation at the Law and Order convention, what people watch, read and listen to matters."

Cootie: "Remember when we would watch the 'Tarzan' movies on television? I thought dark and brown skin people were terrible savages."

Dudley: "Those negative images and perpetuated stereotypes affected us a lot."

Judy: "Then both of you looked at yourselves in the mirror and discovered something is wrong with this picture. You realize that someone's propaganda starts to matter."

Cootie: "Yep. It's nonsense at the mind's expense continuously fueling the fires of hatred, fear and prejudice."

Judy: "The consequence is the unfortunate fate of black motorists like Sandra Bland and Samuel DuBose."

Dudley: "Am I paranoid, or was that a police siren?"

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