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Long and Winding Road


Ken Stiggers

Big Roscoe: "This has been Clubb Chicken Wing's Hot Wing Happy Hour Open-Mic Poetry Jam. Tonight, the poets, artists and activists really shared their souls with the people. I hope you enjoyed our hot wings while indulging in hot topics. Our last artist on the mic is the Unknown Satirical Poet who will address class tensions in America by sharing his altered version Paul McCartney's 'Long and Winding Road.'"

"The long and winding road

That leads to your revolving door

Will never disappear

We've seen that road before

It always leads us here

to remain unhappy and poor.

The wild and scary day

When the great recession came our way

Left the poor and middle class in a pool of tears

Crying every day

Why you left us standing here

What a price to pay.

Many times we've been so broke

And many times we've cried

Any way you'll never know or care about

The many jobs we've applied.

Those cuts to unemployment insurance and food stamps still lead us back

To the long winding road

You left the working class waiting here

Around thirty years ago

Don't leave the poor folk standing here

Let us come through your door.

But still politics and greed lead poor and middle class back

To the long winding road

You left 99 percent of us waiting here

A long, long time ago

Don't be surprised when we get tired of standing here

And break through your doooooor."

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