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Pimp Slapped and Car Jacked


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "Jojo is a savvy boss who always keeps the Jojo's Discount Dollar Store staff involved and aware regarding what's happening in the world and in the discount dollar-store business. On the eve of the government shutdown, he called for an emergency staff meeting. For a moment, the staff and I thought we were about to be furloughed. Instead, Jojo wanted to have a heart-to-heart chat with his long-term employees. Whew!"

Jojo: "The bad news is that some mean and callus politicians in Washington, D.C., will continue to pimp slap, car jack, hijack, beat down and humiliate the American people by shutting down the government. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people seems to be gradually perishing from this bitter earth. And the real people suffer the consequences. Furloughed federal-government employees will not get paid. Government services for the people will be delayed.

"The good news is that Jojo's Discount Dollar Store staff will be unaffected by the government shutdown. During this unfortunate crisis, Jojo's Discount Dollar Store will become an oasis of hope and understanding for people affected by the shutdown.

"Starting today, I will stock Jojo's Discount Dollar Store with necessary items at half price for furloughed workers, WIC Program recipients, and disabled and senior citizens.

"Now that you have the good and bad news, it's time to open the doors of Jojo's Discount Dollar Store and help those folk who have been shut out."

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