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Question o' the Week: What makes your mom the best?

Savanah Perry My momma could kick your momma's butt she has served two tours in Iraq! #militarybrat

Lindsey Cacamo On my 8th birthday, my mother woke me bright and early and told me not to eat. I thought we were getting a McDonald's Big Breakfast, which was a big deal back in the day for a single mom and only child. We hopped in our old, white Chevy Cavalier. The sun was barely breaking the horizon, a flock of geese gliding over a winding Rice Road. I proclaimed out of nowhere, "Gosh. I sure wish I could fly like those birds, mom." She turned her head with a suspicious look in her eyes and responded, "Well, that's not impossible you know." We kept driving, no conversation proceeding my wish, and she unexpectedly pulled into the Madison Airport. There, a pilot was waiting with a gassed up Cessna, ready to take me on my first discovery flight. For the first time in my young life, my eyes produced tears of happiness. The strange coincidence was that my dear mom used every last penny of her paycheck to book that flight as a surprise. I got the one thing I wished for.

ShaWanda Jacome My mom, Charlotte Gatson, always had my back. She would always brag to people about me and my accomplishments. I felt like I could fly because of the love and support my mom gave me. She was always, always there for me.

Diann Irving Alford Her special love for others before self. ... She has always done that and still is a beautiful example today. I thank God every day for her!

Kandie Itisme Unconditional love, support, and understanding. I have a truly amazing mom.

Paul Fayard 'Cause she loves me like a rock and makes file gumbo, crawfish etouffee and stuffed mirliton to die for!

Jacquelyn Walton My mom passed away last year, but she always defended me even when I was wrong. She sacrificed so I wouldn't go without. She always made it very clear that I needed an education more than any relationship and she let know I could go to her with any problem I had. She never tried to shame me for my poorer choices and she didn't let anyone else shame me either. I miss her.

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