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At a Curbside Near You


Ken Stiggers

Brother Hustle: "Aunt Tee Tee and I have been blessed with the positive attributes of initiative, discipline, and ambition to become successful in business, entrepreneurship, community activism and technology. We acquired these positive attributes from family, friends and community members who practiced doing what it takes to survive. In these challenging times, poor and middle- class folk suffering from apathy and hopelessness need an educational boost. This summer Aunt Tee Tee, the Ghetto Science Team and I will apply the concept of 'each one teach one' to empower members of the Ghetto Science Community.

"Our plan is to provide affordable and practical education through our 'Free as the Air You Breathe' Curbside Classes. Look out for skilled tradespersons, entrepreneurs, artisans and educators offering classes at a curbside near you. Also, Congressman Smokey 'Robinson' McBride approves and financially supports this bold effort to educate the masses.

"Here are some curbside classes to attend:

"Rev. Cletus and his team of mechanics conduct a six-week car repair and maintenance class at the curbside of the Car Sales Church.

"Nurse Tootie McBride and CNA's for a Brighter Day will hold curbside Certified Nurse Assistant classes next to the offices of Drs. Ben 'Casey' and Marcus 'Welby' McBride.

"Aunt Tee Tee's Ghetto Geek Squad will have summer computer literacy curbside classes at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store, Clubb Chicken Wing and participating Pork-N-Piggly Supermarkets.

"Do what it takes to survive with practical education from the 'Free as the Air You Breathe' Curbside Classes."

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