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Malarky Patty Melt


Ken Stiggers

Chef Fat Meat: "Citizens of the Ghetto Science Community, this presidential election and the previous debates have inspired me to become even more politically active. Therefore, I am ready to move forward and step up my culinary game like President Obama stepped up his debate game.

"So, as we enter the home stretch of this exciting political season, I plan to temporarily transform Chef Fat Meat's Soul Food Restaurant into a place where folk can eat a nice meal and get motivated to vote. I have invited members of the Ghetto Science Team's Political Action Committee to break bread with potential voters and stress the importance of 'One Person, One Vote'.

"During the remaining days of this voting season, committed voters are invited to sit at the dinner table and discuss politics with Congressman Smokey 'Robinson' McBride. Voters can have lunch with Nurse Tootie McBride and talk about health-care issues. Also, citizens are invited to join the Ghetto Science Finance Team during the Pre-election Sunday Brunch and Economic Summit.

"I will serve politically inspired food items such as the Romney-Ryan fried bologna sandwich, malarkey patty melt with binders full of fries, and the Obama-Biden spicy meat balls and spaghetti dinner.'

"Also, as an incentive to vote, hard working, financially and employment challenged individuals will receive a 47 percent discount on all food items.

"Chef Fat Meat wants give the people what they want and need: delicious and affordable food served with inspiring critical thinking activity. Let's eat and vote!"

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