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Question o' the Week: Who is the Most Beautiful Person You Know and Why?


Joseph Tutor: My wife, and because she was born beautiful. We've made beautiful babies. (I) couldn't ask for more beauty in a companion. :)

Toya Young: My mom ... no one has that grace and compassion! Love you, Bertha L. Snead.

Charles Filhiol: My mother, because she is my mother! :)

Bill Johnson: My wife, Pam Johnson.

Natalie Brooke Long: My older sister Tatia. She has four kids and NO WRINKLES! And no, she won't tell me her secret! :)
 Joe Taylor: My youngest daughter because of her love for her son.

Karen Noel Hearn: The most beautiful person I know is 
Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury. He has utmost respect for his body so he eats well and exercises and his skin is always perfect and soft. He has a unique, stylish fashion sense and a tremendously compassionate spirit. Handsome doesn't cut it--he's beautiful.

Caroline Crawford: My bandmate, Amanda Barber. Never have I met a more kindred spirit with so many differences. She is honest, supportive, strong, talented, whip-smart, someone I can be myself around, crazy intelligent, and makes me laugh ... and that's just the inside. She's quite a looker, too. And I don't know if I'd have ever gotten into a kayak around alligators if I had not met her.

Yasmeen Banu: Social worker Gloria Elayne Owens of Yazoo City. She truly gives and gives and gives to others expecting nothing in return. She is the most genuine person I know. She is a social worker in every sense of the word. She is an advocate for people, especially children. She loves others as unconditionally as is humanly possible. Her heart and genuine spirit, and her faith in the goodness of others makes her the most beautiful person I know!!!

Amanda Spanel: My sister Leslie Byrd, who was killed Oct. 1 by a drunk driver. She is the one from Brandon who was killed that was six months pregnant. She was an amazing mother, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. She had a huge heart, and she was always full of smiles and laughter. I love her so much, and I feel so empty without my precious baby sister.

Jane Brownlow Findley: My two children. They amaze me every day with their curiosity, sense of humor and imagination.
 Monica Daniels: Callie Daniels is the most beautiful person I have ever known. ... It's her inner beauty that radiates outward like a comet in the night. ... That inner beauty comes from her strong spirit and her tenacity. ....It takes some "balls" for a young deaf woman to pursue journalism! I learn from my daughter every single day and am happy to be in her world.

Noelle Catherine White: My girlfriend, Alyssa, is the kindest being on this Earth. She is the most beautiful person I have ever known, both inside and out. A loyal friend, caring partner, and an all around gorgeous human.

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