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Prayer, Preparation and Patience


Ken Stiggers

Rev. Cletus: "God bless you, listening audience. This is your car sales pastor closing out another pre-Christmas holiday edition of the Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church radio broadcast. Before I end the show, I want to invite my listeners to the Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church Christmas Holiday Ecumenical Service. This special church service is dedicated to the newly disenfranchised middle class, working poor, long-term unemployed and anyone suffering during this great recession.

"As we approach a new year preceded by events such as the Mayan prediction of end of the world, politicians arguing about the fiscal cliff, aftermath of a mall shooting, etc., I thought this would be a perfect time to bring people together in unity and diversity. Also, I believe this is a great opportunity to help people deal with economic and emotional uncertainty through prayer, preparation and patience.

"This Christmas Eve, 2012, in the big, large-car showroom of the church, I will lead a one-hour early morning prayer vigil for the people, politicians and corporate CEOs who just refuse to hire folk. I pray that the Creator will execute a miraculous master plan to bring peace, happiness, financial security, jobs and affordable health care in 2013. The prayer vigil will be followed by an ecumenical service featuring Chief Crazy Brother's Christmas gospel play titled 'All I Want For Christmas Is A Job.'

"Please come spend Christmas Eve at Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church, where you will ride off with a blessing."

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