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Don't Take It Personal


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "The Jojo's Discount Dollar Store staff felt kind of blue over the past two weeks. So, Jojo scheduled a brief emergency team-building meeting to help revive his staff's spirit. Little Sister Lady, the new part-time cashier, expressed her concern about the first African American gymnast to win a gold medal in the Olympics."

Little Sister Lady: "I'm singing the blues because a television network implied that Gabby Douglas is a monkey, and black folk complain about her hair being ugly. Black folks have been compared to monkeys one time too many. And it seems like this monkey business has spread worldwide. I apologize for my rant, Jojo. If Forrest Gump doesn't like to be called stupid, then I refuse to being called ugly and a monkey. I don't know how the rest of the staff feels about these issues; but I'm sensitive and have to be. Also, I'm very proud of Gabby and her great achievement in the summer Olympics."

Miss Doodle Mae: "Jojo chimed in with his straight-to-the-point view."

Jojo: "Despite what other people do or say, I encourage you all to be strong and confident—like Gabby Douglas—during these trying times. Also, read, study and understand why the 'blues' are so at home in America: It's because mean spirited and self-hating folks created the atmosphere."

Miss Doodle Mae: "Then, the staff members smiled and calmly left the meeting to prepare for the 'Don't Take It Personal Blues Sale' at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store."

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