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Time to Retire


Ken Stiggers

Brother Hustle: "At many of the Compensatory Investment Request support-group meetings, I see a whole lot of sad and jobless people who have lost their source of pride. One of the unemployed deejays said to me that he had no reason to get out of bed and look for work because he was plagued by depression, anxiety, worry and stress. Many frustrated, jobless folk have neglected their health and well being by indulging in alcohol and drugs—aka getting high to escape the lows in their lives. And some unemployed men and women of the Ghetto Science Community have steered toward crime as a way to acquire money.

"While many of our unemployed citizens deal with the uncertainty of the job market, leadership of both parties continues to manufacture the illusion of a recovery via photo ops at factories and pontification about spending cuts. Plus, they do little or nothing to bring forth any economic recovery in poor and middle-class communities.

"Today's necessity motivates me,

Aunt Tee Tee, the Ghetto Science Team and members of the Compensatory Investment Request Group to create an alternative toward helping disenfranchised people achieve some economic stability.

"Therefore, the Compensatory Investment Request Support Group will introduce to unemployed members of the Ghetto Science Community the 'Compensatory Investment Request Early Retirement Program,' giving people a means to escape from the vicious cycle of joblessness before it gets worse. Our motto is: Since the job creators refuse to hire, it's time for us to retire."

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