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New JPS Advocacy Group

A group of former school board members, community leaders and others have formed a new advocacy group for JPS. Here is their announcement, verbatim:

The future of our community lies in our children and young adults. There can be no doubt that the education of our young people is the foundation upon which their future success will be built. Thus, the Jackson Public School District's ability to provide a quality education for all its students should be among the highest priorities of the citizens of Jackson. This is why the individuals who have signed their names below have come together to explore ways in which we can support and serve as advocates for a high achieving, successful public education system in Jackson, Mississippi.

Our specific objectives are:

• To assist in recruiting and retaining qualified administrators, teachers, and staff who have the vision and willingness to develop their leadership and teaching skills in order to serve all the children in the District;

• To engage Jackson's business community in assuming a more active and public role in support of Jackson Public Schools;

• To garner resources for Board development, staff development, and student enhancement activities through the establishment of an independent "Foundation for Jackson Public Schools";

• To serve as community facilitators in publishing accurate, positive information about the Jackson Public School District and its students' achievements; and

• To encourage and support innovative thinking and approaches to educating today's young people, as well as the professional development needed to meet tomorrow's challenges.

We are former School Board members, administrators, staff of the Jackson Public School district, community leaders, and concerned citizens who pledge our support to a public education system that is worthy of our children in preparing them to succeed in today's global economy. As one member of our group said, "We know it can be done, because we've done it before."

We invite all members of our community to join with us in doing whatever we must to ensure that we provide all students in the school system with an education that will allow them to develop and succeed to their maximum potential. We should expect nothing less. The time is NOW for all of us to become advocates for our community's children and to secure the future of our city.

To join our efforts to support Jackson's public schools, please contact us at [e-mail missing].


Dr. Ollye Shirley
Dr. Joe Haynes
Ms. H. Ann Jones
Dr, Mary Jackson
Dr. Theresa Green
Mr. Jonathan Larkin
Dr. Bill Cooley
Dr. Robert Fortenberry
Mrs. Sarah Jane Alston
Mr. Michael Thomas
Ms. Maggie Benson White
Mrs. Carolyn Hackett
Mrs. Lee Harper
Mr. Obra Hackett
Mrs. Jessie Slaughter
Dr. Reuben Dilworth
Dr. Limmie Flowers
Mr. Joshua J. Wiener
Mr. Jonathan Lee
Ms. Dana F Larkin
Mr. Howard Catchings
Dr. Irene Jones
Mrs. Sandra McCall
Dr. Delores Hopkins
Rev. C. J. Rhodes

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