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Recognize These Words?

Southerners, especially Mississippians, have our own language. When I went away to the University of Southern Mississippi, non-residents of Mississippi were always looking at me sideways when I said certain things. For example, I say "y'all" a lot. In my defense, saying "you all" takes too much time. Maybe I'm just lazy, but who cares? I love the word!

Here are a few more examples of words that we often like to run together, and some we cut short. A word of advice: Do not use these words heavily when you go on a job interview or to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents.

Prolly – probably; I'll prolly go to the store in the morning.
Gonna – going to; What are you gonna do?
Wanna – want to; You wanna go to the mall?
Fento – fixing to: I'm fento go. Also:
Finna – getting ready to; He finna wash the dishes.
Lemme – let me; Lemme see it.
Gimme – give me; Gimme some of the chips.
Iono – I don't know; Iono, what about you?
Thang – thing; Put that thang back.
Toma – tomorrow; I'll be in class toma.
Lil – little; I just wanna lil bit.
Yo – your; Did you wash yo car?
Ain't got no – don't have any; I ain't got no money!

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