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Passion: It's an End Within Itself!

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This blog is influenced by a lecture from my Ancient and Medieval Philosophy class. Capitalism can allow us to develop our talents into a flourishing and productive business; yet, oftentimes it hinders many of its followers from pursuing their true destiny. Many assume that the real talent of life is making-money. Money is simply a medium of exchange, or it's a means to an end. It is far more rewarding harvesting one's passions. For one's monetary capital, could never compare to one's creative abilities. "I would teach rather someone offer me fifty dollars, or a million dollars." These are the words of Dr. Illya E. Davis, professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Morehouse College.

So many Americans have drifted away from this attitude about their callings in life. People are allowing money to dictate their future. For instance, I am a sophomore, Philosophy and Sociology major with a minor in Leadership at Morehouse College. I have heard plenty of laughter about my minor in Leadership, and too many times have I had to defend Philosophy as my major. The number one question, I have been asked is, "How are you going to make money with a philosophy degree?" My response is always that philosophy is the number one major for law school, and if it weren't I still would be a philosophy major because I love trying to answer questions that seem to have indefinite answers.

For those of you, who are still in high school or a freshman in college trying to figure out what your major will be: let it be whatever interest you. And when you leave college and are trying to figure out what you want to do in life let it be something you are passionate about and not about the money. Don't get me wrong, be entrepreneurs, and make as much money you can. Just let it [money] be a medium of exchange, and your passion be the end within itself.

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