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From A to C but where is B?

Youth Media Project

Oftentimes children will explain to you that they want to change the world or impact their society without knowing how. Of course, no one is expecting high schoolers to have a five year or ten year plan, but understanding the simple steps necessary to take, to accomplish their goals are not there. I'm not saying this is true for all students, but for so many this is the case.

I had this problem, but it wasn't as severe because I was fortunate to have wanted to venture into the same area in which my parents have mastered. So they molded me to comprehend the inter-workings, and roads I would have to take to be successful in my career.

So I have given you a problem (students not knowing the steps), now here is my solution. The answer is simply, "What they see is what they will be." The 100 Blackmen of America have been tackling this idea for a number of years. We should offer them some assistance. This is my challenge for every professional, and anybody of age who has or had a dream and are in pursuit of a dream: pave the way for the younger, often misguided, generation with dialogue and engagement, because what they know will effect how they will grow!

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