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Joyflow Yoga


Joyflow Yoga owner Debi Lewis has been teaching yoga for 18 years.

Joyflow Yoga

Debi Lewis has been at her new Joyflow Yoga location since 2009, but has been teaching and developing her style of yoga for 18 years. She connected earlier health problems to posture, and constant shoulder tension from her job as a seamstress. A friend suggested she try yoga, and her life changed.

"I learned Iyengar (yoga) with its precision and body alignment, and Ashtanga (yoga), which emphasizes breath and flow of energy," Lewis says. "But then I began experimenting and creating my own joyfully eclectic flow of yoga that combines both (styles) with dance and my own movements to create a ‘seriously playful' style all my own."

The benefits are many, but Lewis believes a chief benefit of yoga is improved health. "Healthy people … require fewer doctor visits and miss less work. They are happy, healthy, efficient and productive," she says.

The new Ridgeland location, near the intersection of Lake Harbor Drive and Old Canton Road, offers the convenience of yoga classes to her largest client base. Now her challenge is getting more people in the door. She advertises, but has discovered what works best is simply word-of-mouth and sharing her passion.

"I learned to follow my heart and do what I love," she says. "I became proficient so I can offer my best, and I remember to keep the mission at the front of my focus."

Perhaps the most valuable contribution is that Joyflow Yoga is a place each person can connect with her God-source to feel whole, peaceful and complete.

"Yoga is the perfect vehicle for that," Lewis says. "The name ‘Joyflow' says it all."

In addition to yoga classes, Joyflow offers Zoomba, Yoga Meets Dance and coaching classes to help clarify values. Joyflow Yoga is located at 7048 Old Canton Road, Suite 2-F (Trace Harbour Village), Ridgeland. Call 601-613-4317 or visit for more information.


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