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DIY – Decorated Shirt

Every now and then when you're being budget conscious, you'll feel the urge to splurge. Those "I've gotta have it!" moments seem to come from nowhere. But fiscal responsibility doesn't an end to the latest fashion trends for you. All that's required is a little ingenuity, patience, and a needle and thread.

What you'll need:
• Tube top (You could also use a crew-neck T-shirt, but this would requires even more ingenuity and patience. These days, I have little of both.)
• A small piece of excess fabric
• Cord or thin leather string
• Baubles and/or beads (Make sure the holes are large enough for the cord or string you chose.)
• Needle and thread (A sewing machine would be quicker, but if you're a novice at this, you're not likely to have one.)
• Scissors

What to do:
1. Cut the leather cord in various lengths, depending on the look and how much overhang you want across your shoulder. The width of the cords, when lying side by side, should be about three inches.

2. Cut a piece of fabric about three inches in length and a half-inch wide. For reinforcement, attach one end of each piece of the cord in a straight line to the piece of fabric. Sew the strip on the top inside of the back of the shirt (where you would like the strap to fall on your shoulder), hiding the origin of the cords while at the same time making sure they're secure.

3. Measure the cord to see where it will fall across the front of the shirt and sew the pieces of cord to the top hem in the front, creating a strap. The rest of the cord should overlay onto the front of the shirt, hanging loosely.

4. After you've created your strap, it's time to get creative. String the beads in whatever pattern you like. Use your thread and needle to sew each bead to the cord, pushing the needle through the beaded hole and cord. Tie the thread off in a small knot once the bead seems secure. Or if you're only using a few beads, you could string the bead onto the cord and tie it in a knot to keep the bead in place, creating a different kind of look.

5. Try the shirt on, check yourself out in the mirror, and look for any last minute adjustments that may be needed. Once you're satisfied with the new addition to your wardrobe, wear it out and show it off!

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