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Human Deficit Looms in Wake of Budget Cuts

A financial debt can be paid back. But the debt we'll owe our children if investments in health, nutrition and education are slashed is irreparable. Investment in human infrastructure--providing the ...

What's All the Fuss About Top Tax Rates Going Up?

The national conversation on our fiscal health for the past few months has been about whether to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for households with incomes over $250,000, or to ...

Legislators Scrambling to Fill Budget Holes

Mississippi Legislators are searching for new sources of revenue to ensure services are not cut to the state's citizens; they want to maintain government operations without raising taxes. Lawmakers say ...


Squeezed by Taxes? You're Not Alone

Chewing some gristle on tax day? Here's a bit of news for you. Mississippi's two Republican senators in Washington, D.C., Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, voted for another tax break ...


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