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[Johnson] The Miracle Machine

The season of the Obama baby has arrived. Like many members of our generation, my beloved and I found the Bush years distinctly unarousing. Even today, I worry that newborns ...

[Johnson] The Death of Birth

Biologist E.O. Wilson calls the stunning destruction of wildlife on our planet "the death of birth." We all must die in time, and there is a natural justice to the ...

[Johnson] Project Dribble

On the morning of October 22, 1964, the United States government detonated a nuclear bomb under Mississippi, 28 miles southwest of Hattiesburg.

[Johnson] Let Them Eat Pills

If you think bankers are corrupt, be sure you give doctors their due. On Feb. 9, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced it would disclose the payments it makes to doctors ...

Frank Melton

[Johnson] Hear No Evil

More than two years after Mayor Frank Melton and police bodyguard Michael Recio destroyed a duplex on Ridgeway Street, they may finally answer for their crimes in federal court.


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