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CrunchTime Concessions, Shaved Ice on Wheels

Co-owner Jeremy Harper’s children enjoy shaved ice prepared by CrunchTime Concessions. Photo courtesy CrunchTime Concessions

Co-owner Jeremy Harper’s children enjoy shaved ice prepared by CrunchTime Concessions. Photo courtesy CrunchTime Concessions

Jeremy Harper and Sedrick Johnson have been working together since their days as teammates on the football field for Provine High School. In 2015, the two Jackson State University graduates took their cooperative skills to a new level by founding a business together, Crunchtime Concessions.

Upon request, Harper and Johnson offer a number of tried-and-true concession snacks and goodies to their patrons, such as nachos, hot dogs, pickles, chips, candy, soda, sports drinks and water. Still, CrunchTime Concessions is most widely known for its shaved ice.

As opposed to the granulated ice that is typically attributed to snow cones, shaved ice is finer and fluffier, and its texture is often likened to that of fresh snow.

"Our shaved ice absorbs the flavor to give you a full experience," Harper says. "It hits your tongue, and you just start smiling."

Among the many flavors CrunchTime Concessions offers in shaved ice, fan favorites include pina colada, strawberry, sour apple and tiger's blood, which has a fruity tropical flavor and red color that customers of all ages frequently order.

For those who have difficulty choosing just one flavor—or for those who are feeling adventurous—the CrunchTime Flavor Station allows customers to choose a few from the many options to create their own preferred flavor combination.

Sizes for shaved ice include small, medium and large, with large sizes served in souvenir cups featuring the company's logo.

In addition to its shaved ice, another popular crowd-pleaser comes in the form of the business' flavored lemonade. Served in 32-ounce cups, the lemonade comes in a number of flavor options, including grape, blue raspberry, strawberry and sour apple.

Beyond refreshments, the mobile business also offers fun for guests by way of the CrunchTime Event Rentals' touchless photo booth, as well as a foam machine.

The health and safety of their employees and customers are a top priority, Harper says. As such, the business had required employees to wear masks since before the statewide mandate, and instituted precautions to allow for social distancing among patrons.

COVID-19 has slowed down business for the mobile concessions stand, but Harper and Johnson have continued to trudge on as safely as they can.

"Many events have been mostly canceled due to restrictions on large crowds," Harper says. "(Since then), we have worked events with 10 or less people."

While CrunchTime Concessions mostly serves the metro area, the business accepts requests throughout Mississippi and travels to attend events like sporting events, school field days, fundraisers, birthday parties, church events, day-care events and weddings.

The owners believe in giving back to the community and often donate their time to raise funds for various local groups and organizations.

"We are here to serve and help the community in whatever way we can," Harper says.

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