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Candidate Questionnaire: Richard Boyanton

Richard Boyanton is challenging Roger Wicker for his Senate seat in the primary election on June 5.

Richard Boyanton is challenging Roger Wicker for his Senate seat in the primary election on June 5. Photo by Boyanton Campaign

Fast Facts About Richard Boyanton

Election: GOP Senate Primary

Age: 69

Family: 4 kids: 2 boys; 2 girls

Place of Residence: 67164 Diamondhead Dr East

Education: college LSU-UNO

Work Experience: 4 years army /101st airborne / 1-year Vietnam /Purple heart/ 45 years businessman

Current Job: Owner Scott fence, LLC / Boyanton Industries Inc.

The Jackson Free Press reached out to all candidates in the four Mississippi Congressional districts who are listed on a primary election ballot on June 5, regardless of whether they had a challenger or not. Each candidate received the same five-question questionnaire. We've published their responses in full below, with minimal edits for editorial/reader clarity only. The JFP did not copyedit or line-edit candidate responses. The views expressed by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views of the JFP.

Why does your state need you now?

a. We need businesses to provide work and insurances

b. We need to redo the prison system

c. We need to work on ways to rebuild roads

d. Honest people to run the government

Provide one or two examples of when you have been an advocate for your district (or state) in your personal or professional life. What was the result?

a. After Katrina advocated to open the playgrounds, basketball and pools at Diamondhead so kids had something to do.

b. I spend money each month on dog food for the animal shelter in my local community.

c. We have a CASA (court appointed special advocates) boy living with us currently, has been staying with us for about a year now.

d. Bought and renovated an apartment complex that had been abandon.

In the past year or so, what was the most important vote taken for your district (or state)? How would you have voted and why? What is the most pressing issue for your district (or state)?

a. Drugs are everywhere, it must stop. We have the highest drug problem in the state.

b. We need more businesses to help the economic growth in the state.

If you could propose one piece of legislation that would greatly improve the quality of life for people your district (or state) what would it be?

a. I would close the VA hospitals down / let the veterans go to private hospitals, this would keep the vets from going far from home / the hospitals in small rural areas would become more able to substance themselves.

If you are unsuccessful in winning your race, how specifically will you continue working on behalf of your district (or state)?

a. Balance budget/ no deficit spending/ promote businesses to the state/ work out a plan to fix the roads and bridges.

b. Stop stupid spending in Washington, stop foreign aid , remove us from the middle east as much as possible, Stop deficit spending, balance the budget.

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