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Santore Bracey


Santore Bracey.

Why does Hinds County need you right now?

We have a growing problem with the tax collector’s office not educating the citizens of Hinds County with its processes and benefits. There is more to this office than car tags and paying property tax fees. This office can be the beginning of home ownership through the annual tax sale held in August, the promotion of employees to bigger and better jobs in the county, and the avenue for Hinds County, school districts and municipalities to receive more funding to make improvements in various areas. There is not transparency, office thefts, and a considerable lack of integrity in the tax collector’s office. I believe I am the individual to restore the public’s trust by bringing professionalism, accountability, and doing what is best for ALL citizens of Hinds County.

Provide one or two examples of when you have been an advocate for Hinds County in your personal or professional life. What was the result?

My wife and I own a nonprofit agency by the name of “Aunt Joyce’s Kids.” Our Aunt Joyce passed away from a peculiar cancer only a few years ago. In honor of her and her love for children, we began this organization to assist caregivers of children diagnosed with various cancers. The result of this has been profound from local businesses and residents as we continue to get it off the ground, and my wife is currently doing her dissertation research on the effects of particular health policies on caregivers of children diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as leukemia.

In the past year or so, what was the most important vote taken for Hinds County? What is the most pressing issue for Hinds County?

One of the most important votes for the area and one that is also pressing is the decision to elect the need for emergency infrastructure repair in the capital city. I would have also voted for the emergency funding because as tax collector, tax dollars are collected to also assist municipalities in various areas of need. This is a pressing issue because infrastructure repair could enhance the possibilities of businesses being attracted to the capital city, while at the same time, increasing economic development.

If you could propose one piece of legislation that would greatly improve the quality of life for people in Hinds County what would it be?

The ADA compliance in the area is not completely up to standard. For instance, I am a candidate for the tax collector’s office, where the building does not have the capability to assist the elderly, disabled or expectant mothers inside the building from the front entrance. This is why I plan to present the idea of a drive through tax office to the board of supervisors to accommodate those who are unable to enter the building without difficulty.

If you are unsuccessful in winning your race, how specifically will you continue working on behalf of Hinds County?

I have over ten years of experience in the tax collector’s, chancery clerk and election commissioner’s offices. With this experience, I will conduct workshops in the community assisting residents by educating them on the tax sale buying process and inform them of their rights as a registered voter. I will also conduct voters’ registration drive tours throughout the school districts to express to young adults the importance of them exercising their right to vote in every election.


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