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The Best Tweets from TEDx Jackson

@browndamon 'I followed this idea of archeology as a romance and a science.' —Dr. George Bey(@SoQuoMe) #quote #archeology #science #TEDxJXN @TEDxJackson

@TEDxJackson "It's not a party until the Mayan archeologist shows up." —Dr. George Bey #TEDxJXN

@WillLongwitz Kristi Henderson from UMMC says #Mississippi leads the nation in telehealth @ummcnews #TEDxJXN

@kmcneel Wearables and telehealth decentralize health care. How does that change business model in long and short term? #tedxjxn

@UMMCNews "We're filling gaps around the state. We're not competing," says Dr. Henderson on #telehealth program in MS. #TEDxJXN

@InnovatingMS Young people are key. We must listen to them, learn from them, provide access and protect them. #TEDxJxn

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