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[10 Things About] ‘Nautilus'

Laurel Isbister Irby releases her sophomore album, "Nautilus," Jan. 21 at The Commons at Eudora Welty's Birthplace (719 N. Congress St.). The CD release party will feature a collaboration of art happenings, including live music and improvisational dancing. The event is free, and the CD is $10.

1. Isbister Irby has played guitar since she was 8 years old.

2. "Nautilus" includes guest performances from vocalists Rhonda Richmond and Natalie Long.

3. The "Nautilus" CD release party will feature art from Tony Davenport, Jessica Russell, Ellen Langford and others.

4. "Nautilus" is Isbister Irby's second full-length album.

5. In 2009, Isbister Irby released an EP of a capella songs called "Demitasse."

6. The title track of "Nautilus" refers to a sacred shelter or home.

7. A nautilus is a type of cephalopod with a spiral shell and short tentacles around the mouth.

8. Isbister Irby released tracks "Nautilus," "Gold" and "Jackson" early for artists to find or create work with similar themes.

9. Isbister Irby also performs with the acoustic rock trio Lazy Jane.

10. The name of each song on "Nautilus" is a word in a haiku that Isbister Irby wrote.


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