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[Stiggers] Operation ‘Cover Your Butt'


Ken Stiggers

BoneQweesha Jones: "It's another special edition television broadcast of 'Qweesha Live and Direct.' My special guest is Smokey 'Robinson' McBride, beloved congressman of the Ghetto Science Community, district 707-1/2. He is here to talk about the Ghetto Science Team's 'Operation Cover Your Butt When Crap Hits the Fan'—aka the 'Government Shutdown Backup Plan.'

"Congressman, last week, the government was like a falling cat able to land on its feet in a nick of time. Whew! A lot of folks were glad that the government avoided a shutdown. You and the Ghetto Science Team's Government Task Force had plan weeks before the shutdown. Tell the viewers about it."

Smokey 'Robinson' McBride: "Qweesha, the government task force and I do our best to understand the complexities of our world, country, community and society. The winds of change just keep blowing our minds. Nevertheless, we work hard to anticipate catastrophic events. This is why we developed 'Operation Cover Your Butt When Crap Hits the Fan Government Shutdown Plan.' I want to assure residents of the Ghetto Science Community that when the government goes kaput we will have your back and pick up the slack. Finances, health care, transportation, housing, food, etc. will remain intact. I'm proud to have a team of great minds capable of making up a government shutdown backup plan for the ghetto science community."

BoneQwesha Jones: "Looks like you've been reading Aesop's Fable, 'The Ant and the Grasshopper.' He would be proud of you."

Smokey 'Robinson' McBride: "Thanks, Qweesha."

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