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Kristin Versus the Fair

I'm proud to say that I did pretty good as far as my fair-food consumption wishes versus actions goes. The delicious fresh roasted corn was a definite win - hot and delicious and not completely dunked in butter like it's been before. It's an extra bonus for not being deep-fried. The only thing that was tempting was the lone stand I saw near the kiddie rollercoaster that offered fresh fruit on a stick, untainted by chocolate, syrup or deep fried batter.

Next, I had my free fair biscuit. The syrup was a bad choice maybe, but one biscuit as part of a meal is pretty good in my books. The 'free' part made it particularly tasty. For my actual lunch, I was torn between shish-kebob or a polish sausage dog. The meat on a stick looked a bit iffy when I went by the nearby stand so I went with the polish dog with onions and peppers on top. It ended up being so large that it counted as dinner too. Sausage is on the salty/fatty side but compared to double-deep-fried everything and the luther burgers, I feel it was a pretty good choice. Finally I HAD to have a funnel cake. I cheated by getting one made with fake sugar (splenda by the taste) and sharing it with two other people. Things I saw but did not eat: Fried Oreos, Fried Twinkies, and Fried Candy bars (various.)

Not to just be done with eating, my friends and I walked the fair circuit for a couple of hours while we peered at this year's offerings. Working off a few of those calories was a good idea and conquered the itis that I certainly would have experienced if I got lazy and went home after eating. I also made sure to stay hydrated (one of my wellness blogs) and drank only water while walking under the autumn sun.


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