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[Stiggers] As the Oil Flows


Ken Stiggers

Boneqweesha Jones: "It's the ‘Qweesha Live 2010 Weekly World Report.' It looks like this summer is putting the heat on world and corporate leaders. Case in point is the president. It seems like the nation, media and Congress are sweating him about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Did you see the U.S. Congress sweat the CEO of the oil company responsible for the oil spill? And how about that congressman defending and apologizing to the oil company, accusing the government of committing a shakedown and retracting his statements after his constituents put the heat on him?

"Heat makes folk do unusual things. A good soap-opera title for this hot summer of 2010 would be ‘As the Oil Flows: 60,000 Barrels and Counting.'

"Meanwhile, as the world turns around Big Roscoe of Clubb Chicken Wing will provide the Ghetto Science Community with some good summer entertainment. Briefly, tell the people what they need to know, Big Roscoe."

Big Roscoe: "I'm kicking off the summer with the Clubb Chicken Wing's Hot Wing Happy Hour Series. I'm inviting The Ghetto Science Community to come and eat, drink and watch World Cup soccer at Clubb Chicken Wing. The Ghetto Science H.V.A.C. team fixed the central air-conditioning unit. Momma Roscoe and I have plenty of food and refreshments at reasonable prices. And Aunt Tee Tee's electronic entertainment squad just mounted and set up three wide-screen televisions with legal cable service."

Boneqweesha Jones: "Thanks, Big Roscoe. Stay cool!"

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