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Toss Me the Pigskin, Whatever That Is

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Jackson. I don't know much about football. Now, please, just put away the stones and let me explain myself.

I actually really like football; I just don't know what the heck a first down is. I understand the basics: gain yards, get the ball down the field, and especially DON'T smack the behinds of the guys on the OTHER team. Oh, and tightends aren't called tightends because of theirÂ…well, you know. I also understand the most important perk to being a spectator to football is being allowed to curse and shout out inappropriately like South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson on Sunday. The Lord forgiveth all things.

Anyway, seeing all my college friends on Facebook talking about their schools' football teams made me yearn for this time next year when I'll have my own team to claim. A sense of school spirit for something like a football team really helps integrate freshmen into the social life and vibe of the school. I can tell it's helping the seniors I knew last year adjust to college living. So whether I'm ringing the cowbell for MSU or catching the flying Leprechaun at Notre Dame, or wherever, I know I'll automatically share something with all of my fellow students: we want to see our team win, and we want some BBQ to boot!

There you have it. Football is more than a sweaty sport with an even sweatier devout following. It's a link to community togetherness and pride, and a chance for me to check out some really nice bodies when the cameras go in for the close up. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

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