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JFP Cookbook Poll: What one cookbook can't you live without?

"I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence," Amy Sedaris (Grand Central Publishing, 2008, $15.99). "It's not just a cookbook, it's a way of life. She is so funny!," ֖Ashley Jackson, JFP account manager

"I'm Just Here for the Food: Version 2.0," Alton Brown (Stewart, Taborit and Chang, 2006, $32.50). "Brown doesn't believe in uni-taskers, and this is no exception. 'I'm Just Here for the Food' is a cookbook cleverly disguised as a chemistry lab book, food safety manual, reference volume, field guide and coffee-table book. The sequel details the intricacies and deep mysteries of baking." ֖Deirdra Harris Glover, JFP freelance writer

"A Southern Palate," Robert St. John (Purple Parrot, 2002, $34.95) ֖Tye Densford, chef and owner of Tye's Restaurant and Bar

"Joy of Cooking," Irma Rombauer (Scribner, 2006, $35). "Hands down. Rombauer's voice is what makes the book so precious to me. She has lovely charm and fascination with everything she instructs and what makes it so accessible is that she, like many of us (including myself), was an amateur in the kitchen learning her way through food and cooking." ֖Neola Young, JFP freelance writer

"Come on In!" (Junior League of Jackson, 1992, $29.95) "Exceptional… truly exceptional." ֖Jeff Good, co-owner with Dan Blumenthal of Sal & Mookie's, BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar and Broad Street Baking Company and Café

"Betty Crocker Cookbook: Bridal Edition" (Betty Crocker, 2001, $29.95) "I use it a lot as a reference guide for things like how long to cook a roast and the best way to use certain ingredients. It also comes in handy if I am searching for a basic recipe." ֖Lisa LaFontaine Bynum, JFP freelance writer

"Sicilian American Pasta: 99 Recipes You Can't Refuse," John Penza and Tony Corsi (Ten Speed Press, 1994, $16.95). "The first time I ever cooked for my wife when we were dating, I made a dish out of this cookbook, and she still asks me to make it today." ֖Adam Perry, JFP account manager

"The Joy of Cooking," Irma Rombauer (Scribner, 2006, $35) "It's one of the most well-rounded cookbooks available. It offers not only recipes, but also educational material to go along with it. It tells you how to prepare a recipe and then tells you why you prepare the recipe that way." ֖Cary New, Viking Cooking School media relations manager

"Southern Sideboards" (Junior League of Jackson, 2001, $22.95) "Throughout the years, my grandmother marked recipes all throughout her copy of this cookbook. When she passed, I received her copy and whenever I cook anything from the recipes that she marked, it makes me think of her." ֖Lydia Chadwick, JFP ad designer

"Crazy for Chocolate" (Bay Books, 2003, $2.99). "Some of the recipes might be considered fairly complex by the occasional baker's standards, but the book uses a step-by-step approach that makes them more manageable." ֖Brent Hearn, JFP freelance writer

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