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14 or More Schools Will Operate In Red As a Result of Education Budget Cuts

[Verbatim From the Mississippi Department of Education] Jackson, MS – A detailed district-by-district spreadsheet of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) was released today to superintendents to review the impact of the recent budget cuts made by Governor Haley Barbour.

"Superintendents will notice that 14 districts will be operating in the red and an additional 10 districts could possibly be operating in the red by June 30," State Superintendent of Education Dr. Hank M. Bounds said. "It's imperative that all districts know exactly how these cuts will impact the operation of their schools as we work through these difficult times.

Listing of 14 School Districts that will be operating in the red:
Alcorn County
Covington County
Noxubee County
Jeff Davis County
Kemper County
South Delta
W. Tallahatchie
Tate County
Wayne County
Water Valley

Listing of 10 School Districts that could possibly be operating in the red:
Benton County
Forrest AHS
West Bolivar
Montgomery County
Oktibbeha County
Calhoun County
Coahoma AHS
Quitman County

The spreadsheet consists of five columns detailing a 3.23 percent cut to the MAEP. Column one shows the revised total MAEP cost with add ons after April. Column two shows the reduction amount due to the January budget cut. Column three is the revised MAEP allocation with the 3.23 percent reduction. Column four shows the FY 2008 District Maintenance fund balance and finally, column five shows the June 30, 2008 ending fund balance less the 3.23 percent reduction amount. Cuts were also made to the Education Enhancement Fund and the Vocational and Technical Fund.

Dr. Bounds will hold a meeting with school superintendents and business managers, Wednesday, January 21, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. in the second floor Auditorium at the Department of Education (Central High) to discuss the impact of school funding for FY 2009 and implications for the next fiscal year. All superintendents are expected to attend and board chairs have also been invited.

"Districts will look at every avenue to soften the blow of these budget cuts however, programs such as athletics, band, drama and other extra curricular activities may have to be cut to save money," Dr. Bounds added.

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My Cousin in Georgia said they're getting hit too, except they are seeing salaries rolled back.


The "RED STATE" continues to bleed. How deep, how long, how severe are these cuts and what can we do to start the healing process? Where we are now is a far cry from the "I Can Do Everything Better Than You" platform that Barbour ran on.


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