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[Stiggers] Unemployed Wino


Ken Stiggers

Bro Hustle: "Aunt Tee Tee and I got this great idea to capture the free-flowing, alcohol-induced thoughts of Tipsy Lee Jacobson, a homeless wino riding the southbound train to the city. Aunt Tee Tee will use her new consumer high-definition camcorder to record the raw video footage, which we will edit and upload on Ghetto Science Tube. This is 'Wino on a Public Transit Train Video Blog!'

"Tape is rolling and camera recording, Tipsy. Do your thing!"

Tipsy Lee: "Before I give my opinion to the people in television land, I'd like to conduct a libation ceremony onto this empty seat. Aunt Tee Tee, get a good medium close-up shot of me pouring my 'Boone's Farm Thunda Burd Apple' wine on the seat.

"While surfing the Internet at a public library sympathetic to homeless winos, I read that more than a half-million people lost their jobs. And I read that more job losses are on the way. The new president said that behind all these job losses are real lives, real suffering and real fears.

"When I was fired from my corporate job a couple years ago, this bottle of wine seemed to take away my life, suffering and fear. Now I'm free to do a libation ceremony for a viral video.

"So I pour a drop of wine for the unemployed, victims of corporate scams, and those smiling individuals who are financially terrorized within a recessive economy, and occasionally drop some change in my Styrofoam cup.


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